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DCI has been a key player in India in the dredging sector over the last few decades. During the last few years, the sector has seen an increasing demand, emergence of new growth areas and entry of new competitive players. In this context, DCI wants to capture the growth opportunities, within India and outside, as well as become a strong competitive player in this sector. It wants to continue playing a pivotal role in shaping the Indian Government's vision for the Dredging sector.

DCI is in the process of evaluating its long term strategic plan and growth options. In this direction DCI invited “Expression of Interest” (EOI)for appointment of Strategy Consultant from reputed & established entities/ firms in the business of Corporate Strategy Consultancy. The Overall objective of this exercise is to define vision 2030 for DCI and develop strategy for next 5, 10 and 15 years, Including:


DCI plans to diversify its activities into Shallow water and Inland Dredging and is in process of procuring shallow water dredgers which can be deployed in rivers and Lakes. DCI with its vast technical and financial capabilities expected to qualify for various dredging related projects floated by the state/central government agencies.

In this direction, DCI invited “Expression of Interest” (EOI) for Empanelment of Business Associates in various States. Dredging corporation of India Ltd, Visakhapatnam shall participate in the tenders floated/ awarded by various agencies in the respective states, and the work will be executed by the business associate in that state on conditions decided by the clients/ organizations/ Governments. During the execution of works DCI will associate and ensure timely completion of works besides PMC works.


DCI is intending to charter out its vessels Trailer suction hopper dredgers and Cutter suction dredgers on long term basis to the reputed and established entities / firms in the business of dredging / marine operations for deployment outside India.

The vessels are available for charter on the general terms and conditions of BIMCOstandard bare boat charter party with suitable modifications. The dredgers are available for chartering after meeting the domestic dredging demand within India. Whenever there is no committed deployment of dredgers in India DCI shall invite expression of Interest for chartering the dredgers.


Keeping in view the necessity to optimize the utilization of dredging capacity and to expand market based outside India, and as a part of corporate strategy, DCI invited Expression of Interest for positioning marketing consultants for promoting DCI’s business abroad.

Marketing consultant from Middle-east and Far-east countries have been appointed during January 2016 to explore the market outside India.